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Just bought another Hero 3+ Black Edition because Best Buy’s extra $50 warranty doesn’t cover suction cup failure and loss of camera, I think I’m gonna avoid the suction cup mount for a while with this one….

Bye New GoPro…

So I put my brand new (bought it less than a day ago) $400 GoPro on the back of a friends car using a GoPro suction cup mount that I know how to use correctly as I’ve used it many times before. We drive for 5 minutes at highway speeds, we pull over, I check the back, and my brand new GoPro along with the suction cup mount is no where to be found.

Needless to say that didn’t help with my already shitty mood, and the fact that a product advertised to be reliable at speeds up to 150mph fell off at speeds under 80mph is unbelievable.

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